Covid 19 a Stoic Approach

"I know that I know nothing" - Plato ... - Socrates

To me stoicism is closely related to self reflection.

I think this pandemic of Covid-19 is a great time for self reflection because we are basically spending most of our time inside and alone anyway.

As in any situation concerning safety I believe its a stoic's duty to come home safe to their family without harm.

In a situation of the scale of a pandemic, I like to believe its the responsibility of everyone to extend that same duty to everyone and all families. All people should be treated with the same level of care and respect.

Regardless of whether you believe in the virus or not (I personally find the virus to be very self evident), humans should respect each other.

The reality of the situation... the reality of any situation really, is that we do not know 100% what is going on. We do not know all the variables.

It is our responsibility to put safety first and to analyze and determine the safest route to a brighter tomorrow.

Do not take unnecessary risks, because the trade off is that you might get sick, or someone you know might get sick, or someone you never met might get sick... and then they might die.

Even if its a 5% chance they die, that is a death.

It is a death that could have been prevented had we just respected each other and respected the fact that Covid-19 is an extremely serious matter.